Sewer Line Clean out

Some homes have cleanouts and some do not. Cleanouts are very useful for diagnosis of backups in the house. For example, if you have gurgling and a slow flush situation in the house, you should check your cleanout. For more information refer to our common problems

Cleanouts can also help you locate your septic tank general area.

Do not mistake cleanouts for Septic Tank Access!

No one can properly access a septic tank for maintenance through the clean outs!


examples of sewer clean outs:

septic tank baffles

Most concrete septic tanks have precast concrete baffles inside the tank to keep the major solids from going out into your leachfield. Over time, these concrete baffles erode and may result in too many solids entering the leachfield. Our inspectors are trained to identify failing tank baffles that will have to be replaced before passing a septic inspection and for the longevity of the system. Our repair crew replaces deteriorated tank baffles with commercial-grade PVC plastic Ts that filter efficiently and last a lifetime!