If you have an RV, it is possible to dump your RV into the septic tank with the correct set up.  JT's may be able to install an RV dump on your system- contact us today for a quote. In some cases, you may be able to dump through a sewer cleanout.

should i use an additive in my RV holding-tank?

According to the Arizona Cooperative Extension, "there are a number of commercial products available to treat & control those odors while traveling or camping in your RV. Some of the products contain chemicals which may also adversely impact the septic systems that receive your holding-tank contents and, as a result, may pollute water resources."

  • Minimize your use of holding-tank treatments & deodorizers by dumping your holding tank frequently.
  • Leave graywater valves open whenever you are connected to an RV park sewer service line. Leave blackwater tank valves closed & dump when half full or more. Use a flashlight & look down from above the stool to judge the fullness of your tank to be sure your gauges are accurate.
  • Use a tank flushing device after dumping an RV holding tank each time (devices can be self-installed or by an RV Service Center).
  • Use only enzyme-based or bacteria-based products. NOTE: the term "biodegradable" does not necessarily mean that the product is safe for humans or the environment.
  • Never use bleach to treat or "sweeten" a tank. Bleach can severely & quickly damage valves, seals & gaskets.

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