Locating Your Septic Tank

Locating your septic tank can be a bit challenging and is best left to professionals. We have the knowledge and equipment to find and uncover your tank lids quickly and efficiently with the least amount of damage to your property. I have seen time after time where the homeowner, (rightfully so) trying to save a few dollars spends hours or even days digging holes in the yard in an attempt to locate the tank; in the process many well-meaning folks have damaged their utility lines and even the sewer pipes themselves.

If you insist on trying to find your own septic tank here are a few hints that will help you estimate its location.

  1. Determine the location of your cleanouts- the tank may be close in proximity to the cleanouts.
  2. You may find dead spots in the yard if you have a shallow tank.
  3. There may be depressions in the dirt, approximately 8′ x 5′.
  4. You may have a plot layout of utilities in your yard (check with the county).
  5. If the tank is deep, you may want to consider installing risers, which bring the tank access to the surface.  JT's would be happy to install your risers, or you may purchase risers from JT's to install.

tank access examples:

septic tanks with risers:


Owners of septic systems can contact Yavapai County Environmental Services to get a copy of your septic permit and plot plan. These can be mailed, faxed, emailed, or you can pick them up at the County building. These documents are helpful in providing information as to the size and location of your system.

Septic Inspection Request line: (928) 771-3562

Permit Research line: (928) 771-3465

Fax: (928) 771-3443

Email (including Permit Research Requests): development.services.requests@yavapai.us