We're a sincere company with a straightforward vision. Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and aware of just how important our customers are. We take great pride in our employees and choose staff who go to great lengths to meet our community's needs.

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Jesse is second generation in the business with over 25 years experience. He and his wife Brenda value integrity & honesty & pride themselves in providing the greater Yavapai County area with excellent customer service. Through AzOWRA & various working groups, Jesse & Brenda are committed to protecting Arizona's groundwater & setting standards for the wastewater industry in their community.



Kyle has been the Field Supervisor since 2016 & is a certified NAWT inspector. He is an Idaho native with an extensive background in customer service. He is enjoying learning about the wastewater industry & loves meeting with customers on the jobsite. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, grilling & seeing the new sites of the Southwest.



Ashley has been in the office at JT's since 2016. Her family has a long history in the Humboldt area & she has enjoyed being back home in the last year. She just finished remodeling a 1902 house in Humboldt & is enjoying her time decorating! Ashley's favorite thing about working at JT's is working on the behind the scenes tasks like the website and graphics as well as interacting with the various realtors and customers.



Zeb has been with JT's since the beginning! As part of the Taulbee family, Zeb runs the processing plant & is a vital part of the daily happenings in the JT's yard. Zeb is also a certified NAWT inspector. Zeb enjoys mechanicing & tinkering with parts when he's not busy processing.



Jim is coming up on his fifteen year anniversary with JT's! Most of the time, Jim can be found down in the JT's yard working on trucks and fixing anything in sight! Jim and his wife Verna have lived in Yavapai County for many years. Jim enjoys time fishing with his sons and going on scenic drives with Verna.



Shaun has been with JT's since 2009 & is JT's senior certified NAWT inspector. He works primarily on the pump truck, but enjoys working on the more complicated system repairs and alternate system problem solving. In Shaun's spare time, he enjoys spending time with his two kids and exploring the territory on an ATV.



Garrett has been with JT's since 2015 & serves as the Repair Crew Supervisor. Garrett specializes in inlet and outlet sewer pipe repairs. Garret really enjoys the problem solving aspects of the repair crew & is becoming an expert in operating the mini-excavator. Garrett enjoys riding motorcycles in his spare time and has a definite need for speed!



Tyler joined the JT's family in 2017 and splits his time between the repair crew & a pump truck. As of August 2018, Tyler will be a certified NAWT inspector. Tyler grew up in the Dewey-Humboldt area and can be found fishing, hunting or building fence with his dad in his spare time.



Michelle has been with JT’s since the summer of 2018 as our Office Manager. Michelle is new to the area and is loving the Arizona life. She and her husband have been married 22 years and she is a mother of two teenagers. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors hiking, fishing and camping.



Christine is an Office Assistant who has been with JT’s since the Fall of 2018. She is a single mom of one, who is new to Arizona and are loving it! She loves being around friends and family, and likes her coworkers at JT’s!



Jerry has been with JT's since 2018 and is a certified NAWT inspector. Jerry lives with his family in Humboldt and grew up in the area.



Stephanie has been with the JT’s family since the summer of 2018. She and her partner enjoy the rural life of the area. She enjoys gardening and cooking as well as serving on the area search and rescue team and hanging out with her dogs!



Hector joined the JT’s family in the fall of 2018. He and his family live in Prescott Valley. He is a graduate of Bradshaw Mountain High School.



Andrew joined the JT’s team in the winter of 2018. Andrew comes to JT’s with a history in the wastewater industry. He and his family live in Humboldt.