JT Septic is a family-owned company serving the growing communities of Yavapai County since 1994. We service: Dewey/Humboldt, Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Paulden, Spring Valley, Cordes Lakes, and Mayer. We also provide service to the Verde Valley communities. To read more about this history of JT's family business, read the January 2018 edition of Pumper Magazine. 

We have over 30 years experience in the waste water industry, and bring our experience to work for you. Our office staff is friendly and helpful and can answer your questions. Our system inspectors are NAWT certified and provide prompt, courteous and professional service.

I would like to say that both my husband and I are very pleased with the level of service you provided in pumping out our septic tank and installing the risers.
It did not escape my notice how clean your pumping truck was compared to the service we used previously.
All your employees with whom I interacted were polite and extremely helpful. I will recommend your company to anyone who asks me who they should use for taking care of their septic system.
— Dianne L., Customer
No wonder I prefer JT’s for my clients - you are helpful beyond the call of duty. I shall certainly keep your pre-inspect program in mind for my listings. Many thanks to you.
— Barbara, Realtor
Of all the companies I have worked with for numerous different services - through 29 years of selling real estate in the Prescott Area - JT Septic is the best company. You are responsive, trustworthy, beyond helpful and NICE! I love you guys! Thanks for everything you do!
— Patti P., Realtor
Whenever we need an inspection, I cross my fingers that it’s within your jurisdiction. Working with your company always goes smoothly, it is always dependable and, most importantly, is always pleasant. You make my job a little bit easier, which I appreciate more than I can express.
— Sara D., Realtor
Last week Kyle came to my home in response to my request for septic service. They showed up on time and ready to assist me. Who could ask for more? I explained that I had slow running drainage from my toilets and suspected that the septic tank could be full after almost five years since the last pumping. Kyle opened the tank and explained that it wasn’t yet full and might have another year or two before needing to be emptied. Good news, but it didn’t resolve the problem of why the drainage was slow. I said to go ahead and pump the tank since they were here anyway.

After pumping out the tank Kyle went out of his way to help me assess what the problem was. He photographed the inlet pipe and said that it was apparently sagging between the house and the tank and that could cause the slowdown. That said, they closed up the tank and went on their way.

I was out of town for a few days but when I returned I contacted my landscaper and had a couple of his guys come over and dig up the drain line to the tank. On first impression when the pipe was exposed there was nothing wrong with it. I called your office and Kyle came over first thing the next morning. He and I did some measurements and did find that there was a sag in the pipe, not as much as expected but enough to cause a slowdown. Kyle assisted me in coming up with a solution of raising the pipe and supporting it with some brickwork to straighten it out. Remeasuring the pipe showed no dip in the line and that we had resolved the problem. I felt that Kyle had gone out of his way to provide assistance to me and that he is a great representative of your company.

— Warren Z., Customer
May I just say what a pleasure it is to work with your company? Bids are quickly provided, appointments are kept as scheduled, paperwork is forwarded promptly. Dependability can be a rare commodity in today’s business world, and I so appreciate yours. Thank you for making my job so much easier.

— Sara D., Realtor
We just wanted to tell you that your pumping service was awesome and Shaun helped alleviate my fears of the health of the system. Your trucks look great, it is one of the reasons I called you. Your employees are courteous and professional. We will be using you for any future needs and will highly recommend you to others.
— Tom J., Customer
“I appreciate how professional and considerate your company has been to work with.”
— Debra S., Customer
Thanks for taking time to inspect and advise us about septic systems in general. If we ever need septic services, you’re our first and only call. In fact, if any friends need services, I’ll be sure to refer them to you.
— Lee O., Customer
We appreciate you folks getting out there so quickly and for being an honest and reliable company...You will continue to be the Septic Company of choice for our real estate company and we will not hesitate to recommend your services for anyone who has a need.
— John B., Realtor
Just wanted to say thanks to you for getting to us so quickly. I’m not sure anyone else would have even tried to get up the goat trail that is the driveway. You guys are the best, and I’ll tell everyone!!!
— Don A., Customer